Tainan | 存憶 Cafe Bar

(Nikkormat FTN, Fujicolor Industrial 100)

This was the day I tried drip coffee for the first time and fell in love with it. All thanks to the chatty cafe owner who insisted on making us a glass each, on top of the flat whites we were already having, and had absolutely no qualms with us overstaying our time in his dinky, dark, but strangely charming cafe.

Dear you

(Nikkormat FTN, Kodak Gold 200)

These days feel so long you don’t know what to do with them sometimes. You’ve forgotten how to enjoy doing what you enjoy doing, and you’ve had your sleep robbed, appetite stolen, and mind taken over by the incredible slowness of the day. Let’s do one day at a time, shall we?


Let’s try a little harder at this.


We talked about this the other night. When the world caves in… we already know. There is no affirmation we need to do, only one that we want to do, to say out loud the words we never have to say, and I think I’ve never fully comprehended how much that comforted me, and just how much I took that easy comfort for granted. You are my constant in life, and my family.


I can’t say this enough, but you are both my guiding light. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers, always.


Let’s not exhaust our minds over what friendship is. At the end of the day, we are all just walking each other home. Aren’t we?

Scenes in the hood / 13

(Canon A1, Fujicolor Industrial 100)

A lot of time has passed since I took these (regrettably underexposed) pictures, of housing estates we quite randomly found on one of those walks we look forward to more so now than ever. These are somewhere near the IKEA building and row of car dealer shops in the Alexandra precinct, but my memory is fuzzy and I can’t point to their exact locations anymore.

I hope to go on some walks again soon.

So much has changed in between then (when I took these photos) and now, in every way possible – yet nothing very much essentially has either. These days I am at home so much, if you’d asked me before covid19 if that was ever possible, I would have laughed it off. But I’m thankful, always thankful, to be where I am in these very strange and perplexing times.