Boxes and cakes

Spent this year’s birthday at home, quite like 2 years ago when we were under a full Covid-19 lockdown and friends and family sent boxes of goodies to my home (these are just some of them), except that this time I was besieged by a heaviness in my head that just wouldn’t go away and thus confined me to bed for much of the day. Bummer.

Around town with the Kleiner Einwegkamera disposable camera

Back when we were in Berlin some years back, I acquired a disposable camera, the Kleiner Einwegkamera (moment sammler), which came with Paradiz 400 film. It’s grossly expired by the time I used it earlier in Feb this year, as you can probably tell from the photos which don’t turn out well under the slightest lack of light, but still kinda fun in the way disposable cameras are – don’t think; just snap.

Test roll on the Olympus Pen D

Was loaned the Olympus Pen D half-frame camera by Katie earlier this year, and I took it out for a test shoot. My experience with my Olympus Pen EED (bad photos, faulty rewind lever and more) has been dismal so far and I was really apprehensive about this. With more thought put into ensuring the depth of focus s as accurate as it can get, it turned out to be a really enjoyable experience – with a lot more photos turning out as well. Still room for improvement, and I am pretty psyched about the next roll already.